Vent Haven ConVENTion 2007


Welcome to the picture and comments page for the 2007 Vent Haven ConVENTion.

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Everything you may have already heard about
Greg Claassen’s, "McElroy Magic",

is only partially true.
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Interview With Mark James




Interview With Dr. Joan "Cookie" Jensen




Interview With George Boosey




Interview With Carol Greene




Vent Haven Greetings From Branson




In the Halls

Dan Willinger talking with Albert Alfaro

Imaginarium Galleries Booth



Imaginarium Galleries Booth

Albert Alfaro sculpting

Dealer room activity



Dealer room activity

Lee Dunn with newly restored Bill DeMar's, Chuck Norwood

Bob Adbou & Dan Willinger



Charles Prouty & Dan Willnger

Charles Prouty & Marshall/McElroy

Charles Prouty & Christian Morse



(Front Row L-R) Charles Prouty, Helen Willinger, Angela Scott, Steve Hurst
(Back Row L-R) Bob Abdou, Dan Willinger, Lee Wolfson

(Front Row L-R) Angela Scott, Lee Dunn, Charles Prouty
(Middle Row L-R) Twinkie Dee Star, Dan Willinger
(Back Row L-R) Steve Hurst, Lee Wolfson

Pictures Donated by Charles Prouty




Pictures Donated by JD Haile




Pictures Donated by Peter Krouwer




Pictures Donated by Christian Morse








Pictures Donated by Wilma Swartz






Pictures Donated by Ron Crowley




Pictures Donated by Adam DeFilippi

Adam & Justin Lee Collins

Adam & Pete Micheals

Adam, David Fowler, David Deneen