"Joe Doaks" a Great Frank Marshall Figure


After some negotiation with Dwight Hamborsky Jr., I am pleased to announce that Joe Doaks has joined the Ventriloquist Central Collection.

Dwight Hamborsky Sr purchased this figure from Frank Marshall in 1938 and he is a great example of how you want to find a Marshall figure. Everyone talks about condition and Joe Doaks is in amazing condition.

This Marshall figure stands a full 42 inches in height, has a semi ball and socket neck and has the following functions. He has slot jaw, his right eye winks, and his eyes move side to side and self center. His paint is in beautiful original condition and because he was used as a fortune telling figure a turban was placed on his head and that preserved the original red crepe hair.

In most cases when crepe hair has been used it is long gone after this many years. I have pictured him in both the original out fit which was used by both Dwight Sr and Dwight Jr but also have shown him redressed as a regular figure so you could see his great original hair.

Another unusual feature is the hands on Joe are the larger size Marshall hands which Marshall used on his recreations of the great Lester's figure Frank Byron Jr. If you go to my figure collection and look at the figure named Theodore Peckerwood you will see these same hands.

An item I would also like to mention is that this figure Joe Doaks is a very close likeness to one of Marshall's most famous figures names Joe Flip which was used by Dick Bruno. If you go to the Vent Haven site and click on figure of the month and scroll down to June of 2005 you will see Joe Flip and make your comparison.

Click here to see Joe Flip

I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of this wonderful Marshall figure.














Dwight Hamborsky Sr



Dwight Hamborsky Jr

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