Special J C Turner Figure


I am calling this Turner figure special because it has the smiling upper lip. I have owned quite a few Turner figures over the years but this is the first I have had that has this feature. He is a full size standing 42" tall he also has slot jaw, side to side moving eyes and raising eyebrows.

He has been lovingly restored (not by me) to look as you see him now and it is a fine job. The crepe hair is superb. Usually this type of hair is a real night mare and is hard to correct. His eyes have the glass marbles but the great feature is the upper lip. Undoubtedly Turner copied Ken Spencer in this upper lip design where the metal is exposed and then painted over. It works really well and you can't see it from a very short distance.

He is a great addition to the Ventriloquist Central Collection and I hope you enjoy seeing him.