Pinxy's Mortimer

I have the pleasure of showing to you this wonderful Mortimer style figure which was created by Pinxy in the late 1930's. This figure was purchased from Pinxy by Nick Tomei and was in his collection right up until he passed away. It was then sold through auction and passed through a couple hands before becoming a part of the Ventriloquist Central Collection.

He is a full 40" tall and is in wonderful original condition. The functions are slot jaw, side to side eyes and one eye is a rolling winker. Very unusual to have moving eyes in a Mortimer style figure. They are still intentionally cockeyed like the original Mortimer but they move. The original paint is just great.

He is dressed in a very snappy suit of the period and even his shoes are the strange color that the original Mortimer wore. Just a great example of Pinxy's work and the influence that Edgar Bergen's figures had on other makers of the time.











Check out this video of the Pinxy "Mortimer"