Fred and Ethel Mertz Ventriloquist Figures


Every once in a while an interesting email comes to me and this one was just that. A dealer from Florida contacted me because he said he had a pair of large ventriloquist figures and thought I may be interested. He sent me pictures and when I opened the first picture all I could say to myself was," That's Fred & Ethel Mertz." Now that really is not who they are but I have decided that is who they are now.

Inside the body of the male figure is carved 1963 by Edmud Wostkowski, self portrait. Unfortunately the female is not marked. There is other marking in the male figure and I took pictures fore you to see.

These are carved totally from basswood and the bodies and the heads are all layered and then carved. The heads are ball and socket and have moving mouth only. The male figure has a bit more detail to the carving but they both really are done very well. They still have all the original paint and on these I am having a very hard time because I love the originality ( which I always talk about ) but I would love to re do them to mint. The crack on the female figures face really bothers me.

The clothing is also original to these figures and is still in very good condition.

The legs on the male figure have springs attached to them so that he could walk. They both have jointed arms legs knees elbows wrists and feet. The walking effect is the same as all walkers and works bu swinging the figure back and forth to cause the legs to go. This never really worked well. The best part of these figures is that they were caved and balanced so they will stand on their own and not fall over

I love there figures and put them in the folk art venue as well as ventriloquism






































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