Donny O'Day a Frank Marshall Masterpiece


Donny O'Day was born out of Frank Marshall's shop but was not given that name until he was used in the 2011 Vent Haven ConVENTion in a tribute program for Jimmy Nelson. A splendid routine in deed by Bob Isaacson.

Donny is now part of the Ventriloquist Central Collection and here are his particulars. He stands 40" tall, has sot jaw, side to side self centering eyes , winkers and blinkers. At one time he did have a crying effect as the tubes are still inside the head. His body is typical Marshall with shaped shoulder board and spine with cloth covering to shape the belly. He has wooden legs which are jointed at the knees that are original. Usually these type legs are seen on the walking figures made by Marshall.

The figure was restored before Bob Isaacson got him but then Bob repainted him with the correct Marshall style paint job.

His sailor suit is 1940's vintage. The hat was done by Bob Isaacson and Bob also found the Nestles Chocolate button he is wearing.

He is a great addition to the collection and I am happy to show him to all of you.















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