Frank Marshall Early Nosey Ventriloquist Figure


One of Frank Marshall's most popular face was called Nosey in his 1931 Catalogue. This was the face that Paul Winchell used to create his famous character Jerry Mahoney.

Today I am happy to show you an early Nosey figure. This one is a bit smaller standing only 36" tall. He only has mouth movement and it is done with the ring pull. He is dressed in an original 1940's 2 tone suit with original black wing tip shoes.

The paint has been touched up and the wig is an old replacement but fits his character with precision. The eyes also have been replaced with new balls but the irises are the original. Originally they eyes were all glass but they just didn't survive the years and some abuse.

He has the flat style Marshall hands of the period. This figure was built in 1937.  In the back of the head is written, "December 20, 1937 for Leonard Pearson".

I would say he still is a prime example of Frank's Carving skills. A superb face and look.











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