Carole Silvester's Frank Marshall Figure



A rather unique Frank Marshall figure has joined the Ventriloquist Central collection and I wanted to show him to you. The figures name is Freckles and he was purchased from Frank Marshall in the early 1950's for Carole Silvester (click here to see more about Carole Silvester).

He is 39" tall and is 100% original as the way he came from Frank Marshall except for the wig. Somewhere in his lifetime his wig was replaced with a red fur type cloth as you can see in the pictures but I could not leave that so I replaced it with a wig more in keeping of the style which was originally on the figure (click link above and you can see the original wig in the picture of a young Carole with Freckles).

He has side to side self centering eyes, has a single winker and of course slot jaw. He also did have some chips on his nose as well as on his cheek and around the edges of his ears. I touched those up to the original look. His freckles are original done by Frank Marshall.

Carole has included some autobiographical information as well as her young picture and brochure and picture of her today with Freckles (click link above) just before shipping him off to me for his place with his brothers in the Ventriloquist Central Collection

I hope you like seeing this superb Frank Marshall creation.












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