A Marshall Figure Used by Canfield Smith


Canfield Smith was a performer in the late 1940's and 1950's and was what Stanley Burns labeled as a "Cod Performer" and that is a performer that was a comedian who discovered that mis copy-ing can be lucrative.

Canfield Smith made audiences laugh with his standard figure whose arm would drop off in the middle of a routine, with Smith seemingly indifferent to his companion's plight. The dummy finally complained, "Hey! Canfield.... There's a draft in here. Is there a carpenter in the house?" Canfield played the Palace as well as club dates after vaudeville.

This figure you are looking at was signed inside on the back of the mouth palate "made by Frank Marshall for Canfield Smith Phila". Frank also signed it in 3 other places and it also has his card pasted inside too. When I acquired this figure is was in dire need of restoration and it had been severely abused but after a superb job he now is a wonderful example of Franks early 1950's work.

This figure has side to side self centering eyes, his right eye winks and of course slot jaw. A very fine figure that once belonged to a Pennsylvania performer.

In 1953, Canfield lived at 6613 Kindred Street, Philadelphia, PA.

Canfield T Smith was born January 1906. He died March 1990














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