Theodore F. Peckerwood


This Marshall figure is a great and extremely rare version of the Great Lester's figure Frank Byron Jr. He is pictured in the 1931 Marshall catalogue and he was available only by special request. This figure was not a stock figure although the head was done from a duplicarver head which is in the Vent Haven Museum.

This particular Marshall figure has some very unusual functions too. First of all he has stationary glass eyes that are just marvelous, he has raising eyebrows, slot jaw, wiggling ears, flip up wig and whistling effect. He has his original body and hands and all the paint is original as well. When I received him he was dressed in a sailor outfit but I redressed him in the 1950's period clothing that you see him in now.

His head is a larger size than the standard Marshall heads as are his hands. The hands are the same design but are about a third larger in size. The card inside his head has Marshall's Clark Street address.

This figure was owned by Joe Lopez back in the very early 1970's. He sold it to someone in Florida and then it was owned by a minister

I purchased this figure from a ventriloquist/magician who retired by the name of Dan Price and purchased this figure from the minister in Florida around 1976.

He named this figure Theodore F. Peckerwood after a friend of his that her served in Vietnam with. Dan used this figure for 20 plus years doing mostly charity work. He visited sick children in the hospitals, did Cub Scout Blue & Gold events, children's church groups, school magic shows, the United Way and March of Dimes. He performed in shows for the Army, Industries and Christmas & birthday parties. When Dan dressed up as a clown Theodore Peckerwood also dressed as a clown. Dan was a ventriloquist, clown and magician from 1976 to 1998.

Thanks Dan for allowing Theodore Peckerwood to join the Ventriloquist Central Collection
































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