Jerry Baum Wood Carved
Ventriloquist Figure 


I was contacted a while ago by a ventriloquist in Germany and was asked if I would be interested in a wood carved figure by maker Jerry Baum. I was totally unfamiliar with this man's work but I love the wood carved figures so I asked for pictures and low and behold the figure was a rendition of Walter.

The was carved in the 1990s by Mr. Baum and is a very good rendition of the old curmudgeon. I think he captured his characteristic and he certainly is finely carved. He had a cast body but his hands are very well done and look like an old mans hands. I, like most everyone, love Walter so this was a nice figure to ad to the Ventriloquist Central Collection.

This fellow stands 30" tall He has slot jaw and raising and lowering eyebrows. He has ball and socket neck for total movement of the head. He appears to be in all original condition.

If you happen to have any information on Jerry Baum I would love to hear from you so I can put that information out. I do know he has passed away.





























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