An Israel Juarez McElroy Style
Ventriloquist Figure


A very talented fellow from Arizona named Israel Juarez has joined the very few in the world today who have created McElroy Brothers replicas. If you watched Israel's postings on Facebook you saw his build of the fabulous Cecil II figure. When he was finished building him he made mention that he thought he may let him go.

Since this was his "Number 1" build I felt that it would be a great addition to the Ventriloquist Central Collection, so Israel and I worked out a deal and "Nick" is now a member of the Ventriloquist Central Collection.

Nick has weighted side to side moving eyes, wiggling ears, upper lip, stick out tongue and of course slot jaw. His controls are set up like the McElroys with the box and typewriter style keys and the mouth and upper lip levers on either side of the head stick. Israel also created a cradle for the figure and it does work but is not exact to the Brothers creation. The body is also wooden which I happen to like. Legs are also done like the brothers with the wooden knees. The hands are perfect McElroy copies.

All in all a very fine job by a new figure builder on the scene.

If you haven't seen Israel's work look him up on Facebook.






























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