Terri Rogers "Shorty Harris"


Terri Rogers was a big star back in the 1960's and 70's in England and was a man playing a woman but eventually did undergo surgery to become a woman. Her figure Shorty Harris is an Insull female cheeky figure. I found this to be great. Think about this. Male ventriloquist dressed as a female talking with female voice. Female figure dressed as a boy speaking with a male voice. Man the innuendo was outrageous.

This happens to be Terri's back up head of Shorty Harris. Terri used his mouth and raising eyebrows and did not use much else as movements although the figure had more functions. In fact except for not having the wiggling ears Shorty is a loaded figure with lower lip, upper lip, side moving self centering eyes, winkers, blinkers and raising eyebrows.

The body for Shorty Harris was not original. In fact Terry had stiff legs so that he could stand on a platform next to her. If you watch the videos you will see that all the movement of Shorty is done with his head. The hands on the figure were mannequin hands. Terri made him still look very much alive with this method. It could be done this way because the Insull heads were drop through and not ball and socket.

I am so pleased that Shorty has become part of the Ventriloquist Central Collection and I hope you like seeing him too.






























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