Super Rare Len Insull Female Ventriloquist Figure


When it comes to Len Insull ventriloquist figures the female figure is the rarest one which he created for sale. It seems they were not sold in any great numbers as this is the only example I have seen in person that is a complete figure. I do remember I could have purchased just a head once but it was devoid of movements and was priced just way too high.

She is 100% original except for the wig. Her paint, body, hands and lower legs are all original. She is what I call the Cheeky Girl. This is also from the 1950's and before the Insull connection with Davenport Magic.

This figure is full size standing 44" tall and is fully loaded with the following functions; lower lip, upper lip, side moving self centering eyes, raising eyebrows, each eye winks or both together for blinkers and flapping ears.

Enjoy looking at her because you may not get a chance to see another one of these great Insull Figures.



























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