Exceedingly Rare Len Insull Ventriloquist Figure


There is a word I don't like to use often and that is the word RARE. But I must use it in the description of this ventriloquist figure which I recently acquired for the Ventriloquist Central Collection.

This is a rare Insull figure made back in the 1950's and he is I believe the smallest version that Len Insull produced. He is only 27" tall and is a full functioning professional ventriloquist figure.

This little fellow has a paper mache head with side to side moving weighted eyes, lower lip moves and his ears wiggle. He has the flat bottom neck which falls through the neck hole into his paper mache body. The base of the body is wood. His hands and lower legs and feet are also paper mache.. His hair is original mohair and his paint too is all original. A most unique find in the way of Len Insull figures.

I find that the face of this little fellow is very similar to the face Len Insull used on his pocket figures. SEE Pocket Figures HERE

I do hope you enjoy seeing this rare Insull. It is the only one I have seen since I started collecting.


























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