Conrad Hartz "Tough Guy"


Now this figure carved by Conrad Hartz is truly a unique one of a kind figure. i have owned and seen quite a few big nose and ugly bum style figures but to me this guy is again one of the best carved figures to come out of Conrad Hartz's workshop.

This is not a new figure as I have found out that it was previously owned by Phil Jones ( photographer for the Vent Haven ConVENTion) and that was about ten years ago and I am not sure if he was the original owner.

The figure stands 40" tall and has only slot jaw. The carving on him is fantastic. The shape of the nose and the closed eye and furrowed brow are all indicative of Conrad's masterful carving skill. Look at the different totally carved and positioned fingers on the hands!! Just a great figure with many possibilities of performance.

After I acquired this figure, Conrad Hartz sent me the story about building this guy.  I think you'll enjoy it.

Dan..........The one-eyed bum was never supposed to be. This is one of my earliest carvings. I was carving a rough/tough guy for myself and had ordered what I know was the most beautiful blue hand-blown German eyes. The eyes were the clearest and prettiest hand crafted German eyes I had ever seen. The eyes came in and the day I was to put the in the figure.....was very hot. The shop was not air-conditioned and I was sweating. Anyway, I put the left eye in the head and dropped the perfectly matched right eye onto the cement floor. It shattered into a million pieces. I died a thousand deaths because no two pairs of hand-blown eyes are as perfectly matched as these were. So......I decided to close the right eye permanently and reserve his nose crooked and give him a "stressed" look to say the least. The hands were carved rather massive in style. A Doctor that was a friend of mine from Columbia, SC came down and saw him and immediately fell in love with him. He bought him and the rest is history. Upon his death, he was sold to someone.....somewhere. Iím glad to see him again.











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