Brain Hamilton Bird Ventriloquist Figure


I happen to love any figures that were made by Brian Hamilton because he was so young and left us at such an early age. I always say I can just imagine what he would have been creating if he had lived.

Today I am happy to show you his rendition of the Bird figure. The Bird figures were made by Bill Boley as well as Clinton Detweiler but until this one came to the Ventriloquist Central Collection I was unaware that Brian had made them.

The body is made of wood and cloth and has flapping wings which work independently of each other with levers. The Boley had string and the wings worked in unison. I am not sure of Clintons. The head is also wood and paper mache and the eyes are wood balls. It has 360 degree moving head and mouth movement. The beak is wood. The colors are still very vibrant and all the fur is original.

The wooden head stick has Hamilton inscribed and also 1975. The original Hamilton card is also on the inside bottom board and it has written on it "Figure #5" I don't know if this is his #5 figure or bird #5 but I have never seen another bird.

Jack Coats influence is present on this figure because Brian used the spring across the bottom for the head stick hook to attach and that is the same way Jack Coats did his head lock.

All said this is just a wonderful and colorful bird and is Rare Rare Rare !!

























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