Louis Grannat Ventriloquist Figure


I am pleased to show you another Louis Grannat ventriloquist figure. Louis Grannat worked at the turn of the 20th century in Brooklyn New York. His figures are carved basswood with leather for the moving mouth.

This particular figure is totally original except for the leather to form the lower jaw. When I got him it was completely missing so I had to replace it. The match on the paint for the leather was exceedingly hard because the paint on the head is weathered and rather dirty (ground in) but I think the color match is very nice and now he is complete.

He stands 36"tall has his original sailor suit from 1900 and his hair is also the original horsehair which Grannat is famous for using. He has mouth movement only. His original arms and legs are cloth filled with sawdust and straw. The hands are carved basswood. His body is the typical V shape in wood that Grannat used.

Overall just a wonderful example of a very rare Grannat ventriloquist figure.

























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