John Schaibley's First Ventriloquist Figure


I am happy to present my second Louis Grannat figure which has a wonderful provenance to accompany same. This was John Schaibley's very first ventriloquist figure which he purchased sometime around 1915 when he was a lad of about 15. He of course went on to use both Mack and Marshall figures but this was his first.
Along with this figure I am happy to show 10 small diaries that Mr Schaibley (Johnny Raymond) kept of his travels and they span the years from 1921 to 1932. These were diaries that I am sure he used to help himself write the book "Memoirs of a Ventriloquist" A great read and I highly suggest it to you.
This Grannat figure is very similar to the face of W.S. Berger's beloved Tommy Baloney.
He is about 30" tall, carved wood with leather mouth, horsehair for his wig and dressed in a great period sailor outfit. The very top of his head is open under his hat and I presume at one time there may have been a piece of wood but other than that he is totally original.





























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