Foy Brown's Suzie Ventriloquist Figure


As we all know Foy Brown was not only a figure builder but he was also a performer. His 2 Revello Petee figures are presently in the Ventriloquist Central Collection but I am happy to show all of you the final figure that Foy used for performing. Her name is Suzie and this little cowgirl is about as cute a figure that Foy ever created.

This came by way of Lonnie Chevrie a magician and puppeteer who purchased her from Foy. He told me that Foy used to introduce her to the song " If You Knew Suzie." He would sing this song with her. Lonnie would visit Foy and bring his daughter and she liked Suzie so eventually Suzie left Foy and went to Lonnie. Lonnie then decided she would be well taken care of here in the Ventriloquist Central Collection.

Suzie is a small figure standing only 34" tall. She has mouth movement only and is 100% original just as Foy Brown built her. I hope you enjoy seeing this cute little girl.


























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