Superb Jack Coats Ventriloquist Figure


I am very excited because I am able to show you a fantastic ventriloquist figure made by master figure builder Jack Coats. This figure was made April 4, 1970.

This figure stands 38" tall and is completely original right down to the clothing he is wearing. I think he was purchased and then put away and didn't see the light of day until right now. His paint is superb and void of freckles which Jack did like to put on his figures. Wig is original and has never been removed not even once. I will usual open a head to see the markings inside but since the paint is perfect I do not want to cause any paint chips.

This figure has slot jaw, side to side eyes, winkers / blinkers and hand shaker.

He is a wonderful addition the the Ventriloquist Central Collection.



























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