Lolly Frog Ventriloquist Figure 


I am very pleased to show you an extremely rare ventriloquist figure. He is called Lolly Frog and is the creation of Cecil Parkee. I know you are saying who is Cecil Parkee. Well he is a Chinese man born in Australia in the 1940's and performed ventriloquism in Australia in the 1950's and 1960's.

He built some of his own characters and Lolly Frog is one of them. Lolly stands about 2 feet high and he is made of a combination of items. His head is made from both wood and paper mache, he has wooden eyeballs which have a device inside the head which allows all around movement. His mouth of course moves like a standard puppet and he also can move his tongue.

His body is made of felt with wire inside and his feet are made of paper mache. He still resides in his wooden case which is clearly marked Lolly Frog. He is simply wonderful.


(After I did this video, I was contacted by Daniel Parkee, the nephew of Cecil Parkee who said the name is pronounced ''Se-sil'', not ''Sea-sil'' and the last name is pronounced ''Par-key'', not ''Par-kay'')




























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