Alex Cameron Ventriloquist Figure


Alex Cameron is best known as the partner Frank Marshall had when they together bought out the Mack shop. Cameron was in charge of the architectural carving side and Marshall the ventriloquist figures. Mr. Cameron did in fact carve a few figures and today you are privy to one of his figures.

I got this figure undressed and when I looked at him he just shouted Chinese to me so I dressed him in the Chinese outfit you see. The cue on his hair is actually part of the hat.

He stands 40 inches tall and has only mouth movement. The pitch point of the mouth is not that good. He did have leather under the chin and that is missing. The body is done with slats and the base noard was actually made from scrap wood like an orange crate. ( Many have said that Frank Marshall also used scrap wood but I have not found that to be true.) The hands are carved and resemble Marshall style. He has ring pull for the mouth movement.

The arms and legs are stuffed muslin. The stuffing is straw. The eyes are glass and the same as what Frank Marshall used. The paint looks to be original but may have been clear coated at some point to protect it.

I am very happy this example is in the Ventriloquist Central Collection and I hope you enjoy seeing him.




























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