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What Is Ventriloquist Central?

Welcome to Ventriloquist Central where you can find all kinds of interesting information about the art of Ventriloquism. If you interested in past and present ventriloquists (such as The Great Lester, Edgar Bergen, Paul Winchell, Shari Lewis, Jimmy Nelson, Jeff Dunham, Terry Fator and many others)…or maybe about the great ventriloquist figure builders (Theodore Mack & Sons, George & Glenn McElroy, Frank Marshall, Ken Spencer, Jack Coats, Insull, Ray Guyll, plus others)…or just interested in the art of ventriloquism itself, you’ve come to the right place.

This website is the brain child of Dan Willinger and Steve Hurst. Dan has loved the art of ventriloquism and started collecting ventriloquist figures years ago. He wanted to create a website to share his collection of ventriloquist dummies with everyone, plus all the information he acquired (and keeps accumulating).

In 2006 while attending the VentHaven ConVENTion (held in Ft. Mitchell, KY every year, where you can also visit the VentHaven Museum that was started by W. S. Berger), Dan met Steve Hurst through mutual friend, Ray Guyll. Steve’s background is in marketing and websites. Dan told Steve of his ideas and from those conversations, Ventriloquist Central was born.

Launched in October of 2006, Ventriloquist Central has grown by leaps and bounds. With Dan’s tremendous amount of history and information... to the regular contributions from many ventriloquists, Ventriloquist Central will keep providing as much information as possible to the Ventriloquial Community.



P.S.  Dan is always interested in adding ventriloquist figures to his collection.  If you have a figure that you no longer want or need, click here for more information.



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Ray Guyll being interview by Dan Willinger making comments about Ventriloquist Central and
"The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Own Ventriloquist Figure, Volume 1"






Everything you may have already heard about
Greg Claassen’s, "McElroy Magic",

is only partially true.

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Here's what others are saying about Ventriloquist Central....

Thank you Dan for your Vent Blog and Site. As a working professional, it gives me great joy to be able to come back to whatever hotel home is that day and read the posts you make. Your postings are my connection with my "vent family". Keep up the great work.
Steve Brogan
Comic Ventriloquist
Charlotte, NC


Hi Dan, I have really enjoyed your web site and all that it has to offer. Your constant emails intrigue me into spending more time looking at all that your web site has to offer. Thanks for providing us vents with an awesome site.
Val Hilliker


Your site is magical, it inspires, it informs, it entertains. It pays tribute, those lives lived and the laughter personified forever in sculptured mask, the puppet, craftsmanship, the voice of spirit at play, the art and craft of ventriloquism. Thanks for your dedication, and all your hard work.
Keep M Smilin'
Russo Louis


Dan,  Fantastic site! Very colorful and informative. Keep up the great work!
Pete Michaels


You've got a wonderful web site!
Kenny Warren


Dan, Your vent site is as they would say back in the day, "out of sight", it’s a wonderful place to go. Please keep up the wonderful work you guys are doing.
Much Success,
Ty-Rone’s World


Am thoroughly enjoying the site! I think this is really going to be THE place for vents to congregate on the web. I really love the links and the opportunity to read about and/or see other vents. Thanks so much for doing this!
Bob Baker


Dan, You are indeed an asset to the art of Ventriloquism. Thanks for all your support with this site. Hope to talk someday. Thanks Again!
Troy Moss
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.


Hi Dan. I stumbled upon your website and was totally blown over at your collection. I especially loved the Marshall collection. Keep up the great job with the website and keeping Ventriloquism alive and well.
Bob Jolley


What a great service. You should be very proud. You keep the art of venting alive. I am happy to support such a wonderful idea. You have my support 100%! God Bless,
Albert Alfaro


You are going to take over the vent world with your site and set the standard for the art.Cheers,
Larry Harris-ComicVent


I'm looking forward to everything you're doing for the vent community.
Robert Anthony


Dan I enjoy your newsletter very much!  Keep up the good work!  You are doing a great job!
Doc Lowery


Good work on the website! Very interesting info!  You have a fantastic collection. Excellent website! I'll be looking for a Marshall figure later in the year. Hope to find one as nice as one of yours.
Troy Moss


Hi Dan, Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your web site. You did a great job on it, and your collection all I can say is WOW.
JD Haile


Simply awesome! You guys are great! Looking forward to more great things on in this newsletter.
Ventriloquially, Gary Freeman


Very nice and informative web site you have there. CONGRATULATIONS on your collection and much success in the future.
Bill Richert


Thanks a lot. I appreciate the help, and the opportunity to see your extraordinary collection.
Bill Bingham


Dan, This is just a note to the luckiest guy in the world (you) to say how much I enjoy and appreciate your web site and your email updates. The site is a gold mine. Please keep collecting, sharing, and blogging, and know that I admire your work and appreciate what you are doing.
Gerry Snelson


Hey, Dan, the newsletters and stuff is fantastic. Insights to figures, Dummies as you call them is something else. I have learned more from this new feature in the past few weeks than years elsewhere. Keep up the good and wonderful work.
John Hopman


You are doing a fantastic job, and so valuable to our profession.
John Stallknecht in California


The website is great and gets better every day. Within days of it going up, it was one of my bookmarked favorites.
George Boosey



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Johnny Main & Frank Marshall
Cy Leonard & Glenn McElroy
Frank Marshall

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